Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Team was formed in February of 2013 at the request of the former Crew Quarter’s Committee….from the minutes of February 25, 2013…

Report from Crew Quarter’s Committee – Mr. Pfitzenmaier read the minutes to the meeting as they     were so short… This meeting was a study session on various aspects of creating a space for crew quarters.  Chief De Wolf and BC Venos gave a tour of the station; the tour of the station included all rooms of the fire station, the RVs and the storage areas outdoors.  Chief explained ideas which had come up over the years and why each of the suggestions was unacceptable to date. Finding space within the existing footprint is not possible without affecting our daily performance and our community service.

After much discussion, touring the facility, looking at the current budget and looking at the lack of strategic planning, the Crew Quarters Committee felt it was putting the cart before the horse to single out one avenue of the Districts future. The Crew Quarter’s Committee recommended the following:

  1. Dissolve the Crew Quarters committee and …
  2. Assign the Chief the task of creating a Strategic Planning Committee with the former   members of the Crew Quarters Committee (Berry & Pfitzenmaier) and at least one member of the public. The aim of this committee will be to look at all of the Districts needs for the next 5-10 years and formulate a plan for meeting these needs.   Setting up a Crew Quarter’s Committee is simply a band-aid on a larger issue of Strategic   Planning – an issue the District has kicked down    the road for too many years.  It is time to knuckle down and address these issues as a whole pie and not simply one slice of the pie.
  3. The Strategic Planning Committee members shall meet over the course of this Calendar year (2013) and formulate a recommendation for the Board for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year Budget Cycle.

Board members discussed the report for a few minutes and agreed to follow the suggestions of the committee. Izzo, I don’t know that we need to vote on this. De Wolf – you just direct the Chief. Izzo, Well let’s make a motion to dissolve the Crew Quarter’s Committee, seconded by Bianchi, motion carried. Izzo – Then directed the Chief to create a Strategic Planning Committee.

The First Strategic Planning Committee was not a Board committee therefore no minutes were recorded. Reports were made to the full Board through regular Board meetings. Final Report from Committee to the Board –SEFD Strategic Planning Team Report  A final Strategic Planning Document was presented to the Board during the Budget Process for 2013/2014.

3 April 2015

18 March 2015 (not approved)

25 Mar 2015 Strategic Planning– written minutes

March 25, 2015 Audio File


8 April 2015 Strategic Planning


In December of 2014 the Board members shuffled their positions around among the various committees. The 2015 Committee includes Chief Joseph De Wolf, Board member Ron Izzo, and Board member Anthony Berry.